Tulsi Essential Oil

Tulsi Essential Oil

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Description- Oil extracted from the leaves and inflorescence of Tulsi have been claimed to have numerous useful properties such as it is widely use for hair care, skin care, body care and use as an anti-emetics. This particular essential oil consists of vitamin C and A, and minerals which make it more beneficial for all skin and hair issues.

Ingredients: Tulsi Leave Extract

Benefits : ◈ Great remedy for acne and other Skin Irritations.

◈ Effective in Revitalizing dull Hair and Skin.

◈ A powerful aromatic herb used extensively both in Ayurvedic and cosmetic making.

Use: Face soap, liquid soap, body washes, lotion, oil and scrubs.

Applications: Incorporate the desired amount into your formula.OR Typical use 0.01 - 3.0%. For external use only.