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Rosemary Essential Oil For Soap Making/ Cosmetic Making

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Rosemary oil is one of the best to stimulate mental focus and alertness and is said to strengthen the heart. This is a very stimulating oil.Stress relief and fresh aroma the fresh and soothing aroma of rosemary oil helps in stress related conditions and has a revitalizing effect.

Ingredients: Rosemary Extract

Benefits: ❦ Deeply nourishes the skin.

❦ Deeply Nourish & Invigorate Hair.

❦It makes a penetrating inhalation or chest rub during coughs and colds to loosen congestion and open the airways.

Use: Face soap, liquid soap, body washes, lotion, oil and scrubs.

Applications: Incorporate the desired amount into your formula.OR Typical use 0.01 - 3.0%. For external use only.