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PVA Poly Vinyl Alcohal Binder Film Former in Cosmetics.Increases thickness of OiI Portion in lotion or cream, 100 gm

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PolyVinyl Alcohal(PVA)is a synthetic polymer of vinyl alcohol and is produced by the controlled hydrolysis of polyvinyl acetate. It is used in cosmetic and personal care products as a binder, film former and an aqueous viscosity increasing agent in a wide range of products, including makeup, skin care products and facial masks. It increases the thickness of the lipid portion of cosmetics. It appears as a white to off-white, odorless, powdered solid to amorphous solid powder. It is soluble in water.
• Functions in cosmetics as a gel based thickener, film forming & binding agent
• Used quite a bit in peel off masks combined with other ingredients
• Best Quality Cosmetic Ingredient
• Nett Weight 50gms