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Pure Aloe Vera Skin & Hair Gel With Vit E Great For Acne, Scars/Use For Soap Making & Cosmetics Making

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1- SMOOTHER & SOFTER SKIN - Aloe Vera gel's natural properties help grow smooth and soft skin. This makes it the perfect ingredient for hand sanitizers. It also relieves itchy, dry, irritated skin and scalps. This keeps your face moisturized and reduce blemishes, sunburns, acne, scars, and fine lines without leaving your skin dry. 2- Aloe vera gel that leaves behind a rejuvenating impact on the skin is lightweight in nature and does not have a greasy impact. 3- HAIR CARE: Aloe vera gel for hairs helps to reduce dandruff, restricts hair fall along with a host of other benefits in the area of hair care.