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PolySorbate 20 Tween Solubilizer Emulsifier Mixes Oil with Water/ DIY Cosmetics Making

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Polysorbate 20 is used in cosmetics and skin care products as a surfactant, emulsifier, and fragrance ingredient. It is derived from Lauric Acid and is also a chemical mixture of sorbitol ethylene oxide. Uses use polysorbate in applications where you need water and oil to combine a prime example would be room sprays, but it can also be used in a bath oils, cream preparations and shower gels / shampoos. Polysorbate 20 is soothing to the skin. Create your own room spray add 10% polysorbate 20 to distilled water and combine with up to 3% essential oil to create a natural room sprays. Polysorbate 20 can also be used with fragrances.
USAGE: emulsifier solubiliser sorbitol stabiliser dispersant Soap Making Shampoos,Cosmetics Making