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Hyaluronic Acid

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 100% Pure and Natural Hyaluronic Acid - The Most powerful moisturizer and humectant used in formulation of cosmetics and personal care products known so far and a perfect anti-aging.

Benefits: ♣ Popularly used in cosmetic making as it is known for its anti aging propertes.

♣ Most powerful moisturizer and humectant available.

♣ Ideal ingredient after skin peels. Use: Hydrating gels, moisturizing creams & lotions, anti-aging & anti-wrinkle products, pre/after sun lotions, protecting / nourishing & moisturizing skin care products.

Applications: Typically used at 0.1-2%. Hyaluronic acid is not readily soluble in water as it binds water very quickly forming a gel. Hyaluronic acid needs to be carefully sprinkled into the water under constant high-speed stirring