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Co Polymer Acrylate, Carbomer Carbopol Gel Making Thickening Agent For Cosmetics Making Soap Making Raw Material 

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Gelling Agent & Thickener:-Acts as powerful, ph-sensitive gelling thickener useful for making clear gels. Stabilizes emulsions.Cosmetics Making & Soap Making Raw Material. Make Gel & Creams:- Carbomer can be use for convniently as diy skin care, sed is make gel, creams, hair gels. Carbomer 940 or polyacrylic acid is use as a gelling agent, It is recommended to add a PH neutralizer like triethanolamine with carbopol for best action. Recommended Uses for Making Cosmetic & Making Soap. Applications:- Gel-creams, hair gels, and other gels, lotions, creams. Storage/ Shelf Life:- Store At Room Temperature . Shelf Life is extended minimum 24-36 months. Usage Level:- Typical use level 0.1-0.5% depending on the type of formulation desired viscosity. Carbomer must be thoroughly mixed and hydrated. For more information refer to detail decrypted images below.