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Coco Betaine For Soap Making/ Primary Surfactant for Cleansing & Foaming

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• Cosmetic ingredient for making your own personal care products. 2- Applications: Body washes, shampoos, bubble baths, cleansing lotions, creams, hand soaps, baby products, hair conditioners, cream rinses and more. 3- Used as ingredient in personal care products. 4- It has good cleansing, and is an excellent foam booster. 5- How to use: Can be added to formulas as is. 5- For external use only. It's used in a variety of bath, body & hair products
• Used as ingredient in personal care products
• Works as a foaming agent, emulsifier and conditioner.
• It produces a fatty layer on the hair that gets rid of static and provides emollience and manageability.