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 Pure & Organic avocadoOil For Anti Ageing Hair Care Rich in Vitamin E,

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Avocado Oil Useful For Joint Pain Dryness & Skin Problems Specially Use For Hair Problem Therapeutic Qualities Of Avocado Oil Strengthen Brain And Nervous System, Prevent Mascular Pain And Softens The Skin And Excellent Baby Massage Oil. It helps to promotes hair growth because of the nutrients in it, especially Vitamin E, It reduces dry scalp problems.
• BENEFITS: The rich oleic acids present in Avocado kernels give anti-aging qualities to Avocado oil. A very light oil, redily absorbed by most skin types. Hydrates the skin, enriches complexion and preserves glow. Repairs signs of aging & prevents further damage to the skin.
• FOR SKIN Avocado oil is non-irritant and soothing making it good for people with sensitive skin
• PREMIUM QUALITY OILS: Bliss of earth carrier oils unrefined and are extracted by cold pressed method
• STORAGE & USAGE: Store this product in a cool and dry place. Not for Internal Use. Not to be used for edible purposes like cooking.
• Avocado Oil Is A Nice Face Oil, It Helps To Improve Skin Tone, Nourish The Skin And Lower The Appearance Of Aging Signs Like Wrinkles, Lines And Blemishes.