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Zenvista Packaging is a professional cosmetics packaging manufacturer in India
having more than 5 locations in India. Manufacturer of Online, Offline, Virgin Pet
Bottles, Bio Degradable and Recyclable Jars.
Exporter and Supplier of Cosmetic & beauty Packaging and Beauty Products. We are committed to
design & supply the best packaging solutions. Our products are mainly used for skin care, body care,
hair care, baby care, personal care. We have more than 13 years of experience in the Packaging
Industry. Our raw materials are related to PET, PP, PE, HDPE, LDPE, ABS, PVC, Paper & others. We
have all types empty containers for beauty products, cosmetic cream containers, cosmetic pet bottles,
empty cosmetics bottles.
Types of Packagings offered by Zenvista Packaging:
Let's take some of the different types of Zenvista packaging options you can use to enhance your
product & customer experience!
 Paperboard boxes : Paperboard is a paper-based material that is lightweight, yet strong.
 Corrugated boxes : Has rows of small air-filled grooves running the length of the material. 
 Virgin PET Packaging : Made from high quality plastic , having no harmful effect.
 Frosted Glass : Frosted glass is glass that you cannot see through clearly.
 Laves Packagings : Made up from the natural leaves , are biodegradable.
Main applications of Zenvista Packagings:
 To provide your product a beautiful look.
 To give you’re an efficient & best quality product.
 To preserve your product in a better way.
 Provide you a travel friendly Packagings that are easy to carry.
 To give you a wide range of colors & beautiful designs for your products.
 Zenvista Packagings are affordable & long durable.

Key Points of Zenvista Packagings
 Labeling :- You may be required to include certain information on the label of your product
when it is distributed in specific ways. Zenvista Packagings provides a proper space for
 Design & Prints :- A wide Range of designs with various prints are available by zenvista
Packagings, it gives you more options. And are available in a wide range of beautiful &
different colors.
 Size :- Zenvista Packagings come with a range of different sizes for a same Packagings.

 Durability :- Many products endure rough handling between their production point and their
ultimate consumer. To overcome such situation zenvista packings provides you a quality &
durable product.
 Opening :- The opening is the main factor of a packaging, zenvista packaging provides you a
very good & creative openings, that are so easy to use.